Central Logistics Sevices provides a variety of services to choose from!
CLS Hot Shot service is a method of freight movement where time is a critical factor! This type of service is most commonly used by larger companies with large shipments. CLS provides a smaller scale service, regardless of the time of day.

CLS has the ability to pick up a small carton or multiple packages, and drive them to the delivery site, without the freight ever stopping.

This expedited service comes at an increased rate; however, for our clients it is often a more cost effective alternative than waiting for a delivery by a few days and missing sales oppertunities.

When a customer requests a “hot shot” service, we make certain the shipment does not stop for any reason, to ensure everything is moving on schedule. CLS delivers from the Regina area to many locations in Saskatchewan; our “hot shot” service is available 24-7.
CLS specializes in Airline Crew & IROP delayed passenger transport service. We know how important it is for you to transport your Air Crew on time every time. CLS is experienced with all aspects, facilities, regulations and security procedures at YQR (Regina Int'l Airport)

CLS always strives to keep your ground transportation costs down, without compromising quality or safety. Our philosophy simply is to provide you with the best service at the lowest price possible, in order to help your company to increase their profitability, thus increasing our sales volume and profits.

CLS believes that this kind of a business philosophy, is a 360-Win situation, and when You look good, we look good. We achieve it by pledging our full and unequivocal devotion and support to our valued customer's 100% satisfaction. In turn we gain customer loyalty, repeat patronage and support, long term contracts and of course, good word of mouth advertising and referrals.
CLS pet transportation is an exclusive pet ground transport company providing private door to door transportation for dogs everywhere throughout Saskatchewan. Full door to door service, and we are on constant call while transporting pets. Call for a live update on the progress of your pet's travel (we ship dogs, cats, birds, small mammals).

We specialize in moving individual dogs or multiple family pets by ground for one way moves to a permanent location or two way, round trip seasonal vacations. Only your dog or family of dogs. Our driver is dedicated exclusively to your pet with no other dogs or cats in the vehicle. Travel is straight to new home or destination with no restaurant or hotel stops. Dog is never left unattended during transport.

Our personal moving service is the best choice for loving dog owners, your dog will enjoy every part of riding with us.
At CLS, we know how important it is to get your people to their destinations safely, and on time. 

Our crew transportation services guarantee that your crews—involved with aircraft layovers or turnarounds, music and entertainment tour coordination or corporate aircraft repositioning, or any other challenges presented by crew changes for the oil, gas and construction industry—arrive safely and quickly.

Effective crew transport requires specialized services and programs that operate 24/7/365 and are supported by leading edge technologies that help to manage your rapidly changing needs.

We provide a full range of crew transportation services to airlines, construction, railroads, and the oil and gas industries.